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Lundeen Parkway roundabout operation study taking place

Published on Tue, Jan 3, 2012 by JOURNAL STAFF

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An aerial view of the newest roundabout on Lundeen Parkway where the city is studying the design.

In mid 2010, the Lundeen Parkway roundabout became fully operational.  It didn’t take long for the general public to see an improvement in the operations over the prior existing stop sign controlled intersection. 

While safety of this intersection has been greatly improved with the roundabout design, one feature of the new layout has resulted in a number of concerns and complaints.  This is regarding the two east bound entry lanes.  The design intent of the two entry lane was that the inside left eastbound lane would be used primarily for through travel on Lundeen Parkway while the outside east bound lane would be for right turn movements onto Vernon Road. 

What has been observed is that the outside lane is frequently used as a passing lane or motorists are weaving in and out of this lane making it hazardous for northbound vehicles trying to enter the roundabout from Vernon Rd. 

The City is conducting a study at this intersection to determine if the outside eastbound entry lane is needed with the current traffic volumes or whether closing this lane will improve safety.  The safety concerns stem from the multiple complaints that the City has received, and from conflicts observed by the City, about near accidents and minor collisions from motorists improperly using the eastbound outside entry lane.  In the study, the City will be taking traffic counts, performing field observations on driver behaviors, and reviewing traffic accident reports. 

As part of the observation, the City will be temporarily closing off the outside entry lane for approximately 8 weeks. This closure is expected to occur in January 2012.

During the study, the City is seeking input from the public.  If you would like to contact the City to provide comments on this intersection, please contact Ed Gano at  It is expected that a final study will be completed by the Spring of 2012.
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