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Published on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 by BY KEVIN HICKSON | CONTRIBUTING WRITER

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A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work. 

 Ok, maybe in today’s high unemployment, having a paycheck, might be better than fishing.  Maybe.   
Winter is a challenging time for fishing.  The days are cold, rainy and dark.   Some lakes and rivers are open, some are not.   
Organizing my tackle box is a good winter’s day project.  Sharpening hooks and re-spooling line will bring benefits later when you are setting the hook on the “Big One”.  

So what do you do in the winter?  I go to the outdoor shows.  The Evergreen Recreation & Sportsmen Expo in Monroe is coming soon.   
A couple of year-round lakes for fishing are Lake Stevens and Lake Roesiger.  
While most of us know where Lake Stevens is you may be asking yourself, "where is Lake Roesiger?"
Closer than you think. Only 30 minutes east of Lake Stevens or 20 minutes south of Granite Falls.  Lake Roesiger has trout, bass, crappie, blue gill and a few catfish. 

There is a public boat launch at the south end, but you need to keep your speed down below 8 mph.  
The fish will be down deep in the winter months.  Trolling slowly works best with a worm following your wedding-ring or Dick Nite. 

Nathan Taylor, of Lake Stevens, fished the Pilchuck river last week, which produced some nice winter steelhead and cutthroat trout. Taylor is working on his new video to be released on YouTube. 

The Pilchuck and Stillaguamish rivers will be closed to fishing beginning February 1 to allow more wild steelhead to spawn.
If you have gone fishing lately, stop by the store for a free cup of coffee and share your story.
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