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Anita Caffee, LSSD Volunteer – Distinguished Service Award

Published on Tue, May 1, 2012 by JOURNAL STAFF

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Li’l Hungry Hearts’ storehouse.

Three years ago Anita was volunteering at her neighborhood elementary school and saw a need.  It came to her attention that some students were going hungry on weekends.  She got to work and with the help of her school principal, counselor and PTA, put together the Li’l Hungry Hearts program that sends backpacks of food home with kids on the weekends. 

What started as a program that served seven students at one school has now grown into a community wide effort that serves over 100 students.  The program now encompasses six elementary schools and two middle schools.  Everyone who hears about the program jumps on board to help support the need.  Civic organizations donate money to buy needed food items, all local grocery stores donate food and school items, PTAs run food drives, and the Lake Stevens Family Center has joined in to make the effort a total community effort.

Every Thursday you will find Anita with her volunteers at a school portable that is packed with food items—all organized in bins, labeled and inventoried.  Thursday is distribution day.  Volunteers pack up bins with food items from menus all specifically written out for each student, and deliver them to their school.  There they are organized for the students and on Fridays students come to the counselor’s or nurse’s office and get their backpacks filled with food for the weekend.

Armed with a positive attitude and determination, Anita  single-handedly initiated a program that fills a huge need for children in the Lake Stevens  community and warmly involves all who are interested to make this Li’l Hungry Hearts Program a huge success.

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