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L.S. Fire welcomes part-time members

Published on Tue, May 1, 2012 by JOURNAL STAFF

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Group photo of most recent part-time firefighter recruits for Lake Stevens Fire.

Lake Stevens Fire recently welcomed 11 part-time firefighter members.  Part-time firefighters are required to be Firefighter 1 certified, EMT certified, and must pass both physical capacity and knowledge tests. 

They supplement the career staff in all phases of department operations.  On the average, a part-time firefighter at Lake Stevens Fire works approximately seven 12 hour shifts per month.  Most of these individuals work with multiple fire districts to get as much firefighting experience as possible.

Chief Lingenfelter commented, “Our part-time employees, from both Administration and Operations, are critical to the efficient operations of the department.  I appreciate the support and service they provide Lake Stevens Fire.”
The most recent part-time firefighter recruits for Lake Stevens Fire include:  Kyle Lont, Nathan Wirtz, Chad Andrews, Beau Robinson, Chris Robertson, Ryan Dupras, Adam Blue, Greg Planellas, Jasper Stenstrom, Gregory Gasperetti, and Sean Dahl. 

Lake Stevens Fire does maintain an eligibility list for future part-time firefighting positions.  Individuals interested in getting on this eligibility list may contact National Testing Network to determine the necessary steps to be placed on the current eligibility list.

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