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Level III Sex Offender living in L.S.

Published on Tue, Sep 18, 2012 by JOURNAL STAFF

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Boh Lin Schubert

Boh Lin Schubert, 26, a Level III Sex Offender, has moved to the 5400 block of 95 Ave. NE in Lake Stevens.
Schubert pled guilty to the crimes of Child Molestation in the 2nd degree and Indecent Liberties on August 11, 2006 and was given a sentence of 72 months on Sept. 28, 2006.

The victim in his crime was a 13-year-old female who did know the suspect.
The suspect was walking with the victim and coaxed her behind a public restroom in a park where the suspect removed the victim’s clothing and assaulted her.

Schubert is on active supervision with the Marysville office of the Department of Corrections, 360-658-2150.
Probation Conditions:

• Shall enter treatment and successfully participate in any counseling program as directed by his Community Corrections Officer.
• Shall not seek employment or volunteer positions which places him in contact with or control of minor children.
• Shall have no direct or indirect contact with any victim.
• Shall not remain overnight in a residence where minor children live or are spending the night.
• Shall have no contact with minors.
• Shall not date women or form relationships with families who have minor children.
• Shall not work at or be in places frequented by minors.
• Shall not purchase, own, have in his possession or under his control any firearm or deadly weapon.
• Shall not enter sex related business to include X-Rated movies.
• Shall not possess or peruse pornographic materials.
• Shall not access the internet or e-mail by electronic device.
• Shall not enter parks, playgrounds or school.

Sex offenders have always lived in our communities; but it was not until passage of the community protection act of 1990 (which mandates sex offender registration) that law enforcement even knew where they were living.
In many cases, law enforcement is not able to share that information with you. Citizen abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate or harass registered sex offenders will not be tolerated. Further, such abuse could potentially end law enforcement’’s ability to do community notifications.

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