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Read up on the ballot measures that will be on November’s ballot

Published on Tue, Sep 25, 2012 by JOURNAL STAFF

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Several ballot measures are coming for you to vote on in November. Here is an accurate, plain-English summary of each one.

2012 Ballot Measures
Initiatives – ballot initiatives allow voters, rather than the Legislature, to enact new laws by a simple majority vote.  Initiatives that pass become law without the Governor’s signature.

Initiative Measure No. 1185 would require that any bill to increase taxes be passed by a two-thirds vote in the Legislature or else be passed directly by voters. 

A two-thirds vote would be required in both the House and the Senate before a bill to increase taxes could be passed.  Any new or increased state fee could still be passed by a simple majority vote in the Legislature. 

Initiative 1185 would confirm current state law as enacted when voters passed Initiative 1053 in 2010.

Initiative Measure No. 1240 would lift the ban on charter schools in Washington state. It would allow up to 40 publicly-funded charter schools to open over a five-year period. `


These schools would be subject to state oversight and public accountability, including annual performance reviews to evaluate their success in educating students.

Charter schools would be tuition-free and open to all students. There would be an evaluation after five-years to determine whether additional public charter schools should be allowed.
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