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Are you ready for winter?

Published on Tue, Oct 16, 2012 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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It’s true the sunshine has been hanging around a little longer than expected but that doesn’t mean that winter is not just right around the corner.

Take Winter by Storm just launched a new campaign to help all Washingtonians prepare for winter including Emergency Preparedness Checklists.

To ensure the safety of you and your family, be sure to have at least three days of essentials for family members and pets. They actually suggest you have seven to ten days on hand.

Remember the years when residents around Western Washington had no heat for weeks? Well, no one knows when or if that will happen to them. So be prepared.

Take simple steps to keep your family safe from the cold this winter.
There is a complete checklist of basic essentials listed at

You can also use that website to sign up for Emergency Alerts and find school closures as well.
Take Winter by Storm also has checklists for the following: Home inventory checklist, house maintenance checklist, family plan checklist, shopping list and preparedness on a budget.
Make sure you and your loved ones are safe and warm this winter, no matter what may come.

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