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L.S. has two school bus accidents

Published on Tue, Oct 30, 2012 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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Lake Stevens Schools saw two bus accidents this week with the first taking place near Lake Stevens Middle School on Monday, October 22 soon after school let out at 2:30 p.m.

Two sisters were walking home from school waiting for the crosswalk on 91st St. SE on the north end of the school to clear. After a northbound bus drove past the girls, they started to cross the road just as a southbound bus came to the crosswalk.
The bus driver didn’t see the girls as the other bus passed by and struck the sixth grade girl pushing her forward.
Police and aid cars were called and the girl was transported to the hospital. She was conscious and talking to medics at the scene. Her sister, who was walking with her, complained of a sore shoulder.

The bus had 17 high school students on it who were offloaded to another bus and driven home.
Staff and students at LSMS were told of the accident and given the opportunity to speak to counselors if needed.
“Mike Weatherby, the principal, went to the hospital subsequent to the accident to talk with the parents and the sixth grade girl,” Lake Stevens School District Community Relations Director Arlene Hulten said. “The next morning the school held a staff meeting and updated everyone on the girl’s status.”

Kids were able to make cards at lunchtime and speak with counselors if they chose to.
“One concern we had is for the kids who had the opportunity to witness the accident,” Hulten said. “We didn’t want to minimize the level of concern.”

Lake Stevens Police are investigating the accident and Washington State Patrol determined the buses prior condition was fine.

The bus driver was placed on leave for the course of the investigation.
On Wednesday, Oct. 24 at approximately 7 a.m. as students were riding a bus to Cavelero Mid High School, there was an accident near the intersection of Lundeen Parkway and State Route 9.

A car hit a truck, which in turn, hit the bus. The occupants of the car and truck were taken to nearby hospitals.
“There was no significant damage to the bus,” Hulten said. 

All of the students were checked out by EMTs, were cleared and got to school an hour later.
Once students got to school a few of them came to the nurse’s office complaining of headache, nausea, sore knees and other ailments.

“The student complaining of nausea and a headache was transported and the school nurse interviewed all of the students who were on the bus,” Hulten said.

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