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Chamber of Commerce to be located at Lundeen Park

Published on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 by JOURNAL STAFF

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The new home of the Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce at Lundeen Park.

The Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce and the City of Lake Stevens have executed an agreement to locate the Chamber of Commerce in the existing Lundeen Park Office/Concession facility located at 10020 Lundeen Parkway.  
The Chamber will be renting  office space and will be housing not only the Chamber’s business operations but will also manage and operate the City’s visitors’ information center.

The Lundeen facility is an ideal location for this service as it is on a main arterial and situated in a very attractive setting that showcases the lake. 

The City views this as a benefit to both its business and residential community. 

For the businesses, it puts the Chamber in a location with easy access.  For the residential community, this will provide a location to gather information on current activities and sites of interest in the City and region.

The Chamber of Commerce target date to be open for business is by no later than February this year.  

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