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Landslide on East Lakeshore closes road

Published on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 by BY PAM STEVENS | MANAGING EDITOR

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The home sitting on the top of the hill off of Bassler and East Lakeshore is still in it’s original place even after a large landslide on Thursday, January 10 which closed East Lakeshore all day Friday.

“The slide is estimated to be around 100 cubic yards of materials and has blocked off the entire northbound land,” City of Lake Stevens Public Works Director Mick Monken said.  “The City will be bringing in a Geotech Engineer and Contractor to assist.”

The slide consisted of both public land and privately owned land and at first the cause of the slide was unknown. With a large saturation of water over the past few weeks, this was what workers first thought was the cause.
Soon it was found to be caused by a broken water main.

“The soils in the slide area are highly saturated,” Monken said.
Both Snohomish PUD, the entity that takes care of the water lines and the Lake Stevens Sewer District were notified.
“Both had representative out early this morning,” Monken said.

The roadway was open in the late afternoon on Friday after a Geotech Engineer made the determination that the road could be cleared.

Currently, there is a huge gully where the dirt once sat.
“We got it cleared and stabilized. It appears that the cause of this was a broke water service line,” Monken said.

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