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If you have been to any of the community events throughout this past year, you’ve probably encountered young men and women wearing “Explorer” on their uniforms.  But who exactly are the Lake Stevens Police Explorers?
Police Explorers are dedicated young men and women between the ages of 14 to 20 who are interested in a career in Law Enforcement.

Explorers are given the opportunity to learn many different aspects of police work, given the opportunity to ride with on-duty Officers and actively participate in community events.  They assist by providing traffic and crowd control as well as security details.   Our Explorers have been instrumental in their service to our community.

Twice a year, our Lake Stevens Police Explorers are given the opportunity to join hundreds of Explorers from all over the State of Washington to  attend a week long “boot camp” style Explorer Academy held during the summer and winter breaks.  
The week is designed to be physically and mentally straining and also exposes the Explorers to intense stressors which encourage them to come together as a team. 

During the week, Explorers are tested in academics, marksmanship, mock scenes and physical agility.   Top scorers in each event are awarded in a formal graduation ceremony at the completion of the academy.

During each of the academies this year, our Explorers proudly represented our Police Department and the City of Lake Stevens by excelling in many of the graded events. 

During the summer academy, Explorer Holden Humphrey was recognized for taking 2nd in academics and Explorer Logan Johnson for taking 2nd in physical agility.  During the winter academy, Explorer Holden Humphrey was recognized for taking 3rd in marksmanship and earned 2nd in overall proficiency.

For those interested in becoming a part of the Lake Stevens Police Explorers, please contact Officer A. Thor at 425-334-9537 or email at or visit our website at

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