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Thomas Jefferson, Rage Against the Machine and lesbian attacks

And as Zach de la Rocha later retorted, “If ignorance is bliss, than knock the smile off my face.”

Lights and Sirens

Stolen Vehicle Recovery, 11/03/08, 1800 blk N. Machias RoadA 29-year-old male was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.While on patrol, an officer...

Women learn that simple techniques can be useful in defending yourself

Master Dong-il, Shin, who founded and instructs at his Tigers Black Belt Academy in Lake Stevens is a certified Master Level Instructor with the World ...

County Council approves 2009 budget

The council used a combination of expenditure reductions and revenue enhancements to close the $21 million gap that existed between the 2009 projected ...

L.S. offers a fun and festive weekend

Start your day by heading west to Cavelero Mid-High School where you can shop for local unique gifts in a a setting right out of “A Christmas Carol...

Marysville man runs up a tree to escape police

The suspect then turned east onto the trestle on Highway 2 and traveled through Frontier Village and then onto SR 9 where he headed north again.

Local retailer helps Lake Stevens Marine while serving in Africa

For Marines serving in Djibouti, Africa mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but could also be deadly since many of them carry the malaria virus.