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Articles published Wed, Jan 17, 2007

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Editor / Reporter

 This is a part time position requiring some night and week-end hours.

Garvie Trial Postponed

Due to earlier unforeseen hospital stays for Deputy Prosecutor Mark Roe, and other delays by Defense Attorney John Crowley, the trial has been pushed back...

Preventative measures help stop pipes from freezing  

Snarled traffic, long lines at the gas pumps and grocery stores may be the least of your concerns if your water pipes freeze.

GFSD does it again!

In 2005, Debra Howell was the regional teacher of the year, Superintendent Joel Thaut was the recipient of the 2006 Robert J. Handy Most Effective Administrator...

Quigley to fill open seat on L.S. Council

Coleman & Hartwell selected as Council President & Vice President

LSHS Hall of Fame looking for new inductees

Nominations from the community sought