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Articles published Wed, Feb 7, 2007

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LS City Council member steps down to help build city in a different capacity

“My view of my responsibility is that now I can step in and do what I promised as a city council member,” Clark said.

CORE teaches today’s youth about respect and empowerment

Courage, Ownership, Respect, and Empower define what CORE is.Manahan is a family counselor specializing in adult and adolescence, and is a former school...

Alleged videotape captures two in drug smuggling

$100,000 worth of drugs seized

Shots fired in Frontier Heights neighborhood

L.S. police nab suspects in drive-by shooting

In the South, it’s one step forward, one leap back

It’s easy for us know-it-all Yankees from the North to sit in judgment of the perceived errors of our brethren in the South – so let’s...


Q. When were the Globetrotters founded?