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Articles published Wed, Feb 21, 2007

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Q. When were the Globetrotters founded?

Lake Stevens Family Center awarded $10,000

With the help of the Lake Stevens community and the staff at the Family Center, not only did they reach their $10,000 goal but exceeded it by collecting...

Highland Elementary and LS High School on lockdown

The man was reported to have been drinking in his home and the caller was fearful he had a weapon.

Machias Road espresso stand robbed

The suspectis described as a white male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt or coat. He threatened to be carrying a gun, although he didn’t reveal ...

Alleged burglar is shot by Snohomish County Deputies

Lake Stevens girl reports hearing noises in her home


“Every state championship is special in its own way”, said Coach Barnes, “We’ve accomplished some great things in the past by winning...

Would you like cheese with that,Mr. Boeing employee?

Meanwhile, at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus, there are more than a couple sophomores with A minus averages getting turned down for...