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Articles published Wed, Mar 7, 2007

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Semi-pro football comes to Granite Falls

The wait is over for Granite Falls who now has a semi-pro football team.

LS Chamber of Commerce reopens Executive Director position

Controversy ensued after the previous Chamber president Laura Buell announced the posting of the executive director position and then resigned to apply...

Number crunching: For many, WASL mathematics just doesn’t add up

“We think this is the best way to move forward,” said Bergeson.

City of Lake Stevens hopes for land to add to their UGA

The land could someday be developed with over 3,000 homes and a large commercial district. It is also being considered as a site for the future four-year...

Border Battle: Tensions mount as developer files claim against LS

The filing is a result of the developer’s wishes to develop 370 acres just north of US-2 and just west of SR-9, an area behind the spot many locals...