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Articles published Wed, Apr 4, 2007

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Close to her GF roots

Carpenter was born in her family’s Granite Falls home in 1910, a mere seven years after the town was officially incorporated.

Are we a fast food community?

This study, along with the movies “Supersize Me” and “Fastfood Nation”, which expose the darker side of fast food, is raising concerns...

Exotic birds become more popular as an alternative pet, but at what cost?

Wouldn’t it be great to really hear them say something? Anything?

Spreading literacy one book at a time Headline

“A parent gave me the idea by forwarding me the African Library Project website,” said Linda Mauer, Librarian at Glenwood Elementary, &ldquo...

The Chicken – infamousor a community tradition?

Grade Road was exceptionally pretty with its green grass and flowers starting to bloom. Just when you passed the fire station your eye beheld another sight...