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Articles published Wed, Jul 25, 2007

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If you’re a team player who loves working with the public and are ready to earn what you’re worth this is the position for you.


"LDMR!": Readers use four letter word in response to column

Last week, I wrote about the deteriorating condition of three vacated houses located at 1210 Vernon Road in the newly annexed Frontier Village section ...

Children will soon enjoy a new park

Malkasian who fought hard, and lobbied for a new law to protect foster children, wept along side of Patricia Sotelo (Sirita’s biological mother) ...

Brooks running for re-election

The upcoming primary elections include that of City Council Position 3 which is being sought by Kerry Watkins, John Spencer and incumbent, Steve Brooks...

For Ron Masset of Lake Stevens, his son Taylor is doing just that and more.

11-year-old Taylor will be going into the seventh grade and has already surpassed all expectations his father has of him when it comes to racing motorcycles...

Five-year-old celebrates his birthday by being a hero

With a brand new swimming pool filled with water and ready for his birthday party, Benjamin and his family knew that the day was going to be a memorable...