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Articles published Wed, Aug 15, 2007

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If you’re a team player who loves working with the public and are ready to earn what you’re worth this is the position for you.

GRIT turns out new grads

The recruitment process began with 26 applications.

Political letters to the editor: Keep it clean, come out fighting

As the candidates work, the citizens begin to take interest, slowly at first. Maybe you catch yourself daydreaming at a stoplight, wondering what would...

Local flute maker shares his passion

A flute circle is a gathering of people who enjoy playing the Native American Flute for its unique and enchanting sounds.

Sherwood Community Services “Rocks the Farm”

Rebecca DeFrang, who serves on the fundraising committee for Sherwood Community Services is from Lake Stevens and speaks of the importance of such a service...

Now you see ‘em – now you don’t

As we drive down the street, there seems to be an abundance of names flying past us. Who are they? Do we want them representing us? Just exactly what do...

National Night Out Against Crime celebrated in Lake Stevens

Sponsored by the Lake Stevens Family Center and the Lake Stevens Police, this year’s National Night Out brought out organizations from not only Lake...