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Articles published Wed, Aug 22, 2007

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If you’re a team player who loves working with the public and are ready to earn what you’re worth this is the position for you.

GRIT turns out new grads

The recruitment process began with 26 applications.

Live life without reservation

The real story here is that Journal-published author Eric Fergen will win an award for his work at the yearly journalism convention this October. Eric ...

Local writer attends workshop in New York

The 133-year-old Chautauqua Institution is a national pioneer in combining education, cultural events, and leisure activities in a beautiful lakefront ...

Lake's Schools, police and fire collaborate for student safety

This summer a team from schools along with leaders from the police, fire and probation departments attended a five-day training in Appleton, Wisconsin ...

Car tab tax may be returning

Traffic here in Snohomish County is becoming more and more crowded and frankly, with the I-5 makeover going on right now it doesn’t feel like it ...

Lake Stevens is missing out on revenue from world-class sporting events

Every year in August, a group of riders come through Lake Stevens in route to their final destination in Canada, making more stops along the way.