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Articles published Wed, Aug 29, 2007

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If you’re a team player who loves working with the public and are ready to earn what you’re worth this is the position for you.

Lake’s Chris Pratt found success in Hollywood, and now he plans on bringing it home

I know it’s my favorite story right now. It’s the story of Lake Stevens’ own Chris Pratt – whom I ran into last weekend at our ten...

City’s newly adopted buffers in question

Their concern is that the city isn’t doing enough to protect the stream, wetlands or the lake from development.

Community comes together

Kids get ready for school in style

Lake Stevens schools ready for September 5 opening

Currently ay Cavelero Mid High, furniture and equipment is being moved into place in classrooms and offices, while construction workers complete painting...

Homeowner finds reputation of city is hard to break

Though houses aren’t selling as fast as they were, you’d think a good home, no matter what condition it’s in, would sell if priced right...

From tragedy comes a celebration of life

Crowds of people came to show their love and support of Sirita and the law that was passed in her name last May, which provides better protection and accountability...