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Articles published Wed, Sep 19, 2007

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On Fridays and Saturdays, it feels pretty good to be Purple

The visiting Broncos brought the nation’s longest winning streak to Seattle, followed by a 25,000 strong army of supporters who made the trip from...

City makes licensing your business easier

Most businesses in the area have probably already received their notice that licensing will be different from here on in. The goal is to make it easier...

Man jumps on school bus and threatens kids

Police arrest and charge him same day

Friday’s after school bike ride turned to tragedy for two young girls

Andrea Thody and Cheyenne Bishop, both 13 year old girlsfrom Centennial Middle School were out for a casual bike ride after finding two bikes that were...

Parents’ supervision key to ensuring safe after school athletics

Football, cheerleading, soccer, gymnastics and in recent years what was once a winter indoor sport but has now become a year-round phenomenon, basketball...

Lake Stevens man takes home $250,000 in lottery winnings

“I had a client meeting so I was picking up pizzas and pop at the store and remembered I had a Mega Millions ticket in my wallet that I bought last...