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Articles published Wed, Oct 10, 2007

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U-Dub Q and A, continued

I’m thinking about getting a UW Lake Stevens tattoo. Before I get inked, maybe you should tell me who we’re up against?

Sudoko Answers

Positive talking points for LS site may help citizens

Key Message Points for UW North Lake Stevens/Snohomish site:Multi-modal access: The site is accessible from US-2, SR-9, 20th Street SE and is less than...

New school is ready for the future growth of Lake Stevens

The building of the new school was made possible by voters who passed a $65.5 million dollar bond in February of 2005.

Don’t get caught without a plan this year

Lt. Chris Burt of the Granite Falls Fire Department says that it is of the utmost importance that people are prepared and ready for anything this year....

No matter where you are coming home is always a sweet victory

Last Friday proved to be one of the most exciting homecoming games proving that school spirit does give strength.