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Articles published Wed, Nov 28, 2007

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Candidate Forum Audio

New beginning for old traditions

Friday and into the Holiday Strait-away quicker than I can ever remember.

Love from the heart can be felt even without feeling from touch

Nearly 17 years ago Pate’s life took a radical and dramatic change the day he and his cousin took a drive.

Fifteen year old honored for heroic actions

The words of a scout and his oath are permanently etched in the minds and hearts of many boys and girls who become a scout.

Lake Stevens’ Hobbs works to return the taxpayer dollar

We all depend on the services that government provides to us, even though we hate parting with our hard-earned dollars to pay for those services.

Help bring a smile to a child on a special day

Toys for Tots, which is a U.S. Marine Corps Reserves tradition has been hard at work for 60 years now collecting toys for children who are less fortunate...