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Articles published Wed, Jun 11, 2008

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Crossword Puzzle Answersfor June 11

Nasty Nate from Lynnwood invades Norm’s Market

And then some tin-badge reject from Lynnwood opened fire on an unarmed 25 year old woman, who, apparently objected to being “arrested” by some...

County plans to proceed with widening of 20th Street

Well, if you think it can’t happen, you’d better think again, it’s called imminent domain.

Shots fired in a Lake Stevens parking lot

A bail bondsman from Lynnwood’s Bail Bonds by Nate, Nathan Hingson, shot several rounds from his gun while trying to detain a woman, 25, from fleeing...

Many from Lake Stevens walk in honor of those they love

It may sound like Homecoming but this was actually the scene at the annual North Snohomish County Relay for Life event which was held at Marysville-Pilchuck...

The Chicken is found roosting in the LSHS parking lot

Lake Stevens seniors throughout the last three decades have made it a tradition to “steal” the chicken every year and display it somewhere ...