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Articles published Wed, Jul 2, 2008

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Barclays North, Inc. to close its doors

The recent down trend in housing prices all over the country has taken its toll on the company. One reason is that they not only bought land here in Washington...

Lake Stevens Sewer District honored by Department of Ecology

“This is very prestigious for my staff,” General Manager Darwin Smith said. “I am very proud of these guys.”

Southern fried stupidity revisted

Also, be sure to check the OtR blog at for coverage of last week’s Sturgeon Derby and news on the Barclays North closing...

Level Three sex offender to be released in Granite Falls

Sandefer is six feet two inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes and is 36 years old.

Would you like cheese with that, Mr. Boeing employee?

Somewhere among Lake Stevens High School’s nearly 2,300 students there’s a student with a 3.8 GPA and a 1200 SAT score who will not be accepted...

Effective immediately “hands-free” devices are required for talking while driving

For most drivers, a day doesn’t go by that you won’t see someone driving and holding a phone up to their ear, and seemingly oblivious to the...

Local men arrested in Oregonon drug possession charges

On June 24, 2008 at approximately 6:20 a.m. an OSP senior trooper stopped a 2003 Chevrolet Sonoma pickup displaying Washington license plates for a speed-related...