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Articles published Wed, Jul 23, 2008

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Little goes full throttle to defend championship title

Little didn’t seem worried and was looking forward to racing the other Mayors and Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon at that evening’...

Fire in Lake Stevens consumes car, garage

“When crews arrived, it was fully involved,” Lake Stevens Fire Deputy Chief Dave Lingenfelter said. “The crew chief did a walk around...

Southern fried stupidity revisted

Also, be sure to check the OtR blog at for coverage of last week’s Sturgeon Derby and news on the Barclays North closing...

Level Three sex offender to be released in Granite Falls

Sandefer is six feet two inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes and is 36 years old.

Local band hits number one on the charts

Now, however, times have changed, at least a little bit, and more professional working class citizens are putting down their tool belts, hanging up their...

Debts continue to mount for patient from multiple cancer treatments

The Jacobs family, in one way or another, has spent 16 years of their lives living and working in Lake Stevens. Errin Jacobs is an elementary school teacher...

Local artist wins two awards for plane art

Jack Fellows, a resident of Lake Stevens, won two first place awards for his oil painting “Corsair.”