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Articles published Wed, Oct 22, 2008

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Election 2008: Are we all on the sidewalk to nowhere

It’s almost to the point where it’s hard to imagine a positive outcome to the presidential race, no matter which candidate one prefers. In ...

Lights and Sirens

Collision, 9/23/2008, SR 204/127th Ave NEA collision report was taken when a vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign, crossing into the intersection towards...

Viking Football Update: Get to know receiver Trevor Riecks

We sat down with Trevor and his teammate Colton Tupen for a few minutes after practice and discovered a few things that you might not know...

Support for military families starts with a simple prayer

Shawn and Becky Schrader both had good careers in the Navy until Becky suffered a severe stroke in 2002.

Lake Stevens business turns pink with the spirit of giving

Kasshia Sleath, Manager of Hillcrest Hair and instigator of this fresh approach to helping others, knows the importance of making people aware of this ...

Rededicated Vikings stomp on Monroe

Against Monroe (0-5 in Wesco North, 2-5 overall) Lake (3-1 and 5-2) looked like a team determined to earn its way into the State Playoffs three weeks down...

Fall Fun Run winners

Journal Staff

A look at the 2009 Snohomish County Budget

With a shortfall of monies, mainly because of lower sales tax revenue, Reardon has spent the last few months urging the council and other public officers...