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Articles published Mon, Jul 6, 2009

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Chamber Luncheon

Monday, July 13th, 2009 11:30 AM

Thank you Chamber members!

President’s Message


WA Voters: Next Election Could Sneak Up on Ya

The next primary election here in Washington is coming up August 18th, which may catch some voters by surprise.

‘Electrosmog’ is an Emerging Public Health Issue

Cell phones, wireless networks, and the developing "smart grid" utility technologies are being hailed as progress for communication and information, but the downside is an emerging public health issue.

Home Health Workers See One-Two Punch of Rising Healthcare Costs

Home healthcare workers held rallies Thursday in six cities around the state, urging people to "declare independence" from a healthcare system that isn't working.

Celebrating 25 Years of WA Wilderness

It's impossible to pick the most beautiful place in Washington, and one of the reasons is being celebrated this weekend.

WA's Clean Car Standard No Longer "Idling"

EPA's Decision Ends Multi-Year Standoff with 14 States


The changing of the American Dream

Most Americans used to dream of owning their homes, driving a fancy car or even owning their own business.


Health reform is too important to rush through without close scrutiny

President Obama wants Congress to rush health reform legislation, implying that the “crisis” means there is no time to analyze the details.


Letters to the Editor July 8, 2009


Aquafest celebrates 49 years by Rushing to the Gold

From humble beginnings to fun-filled weekend

Granite Falls breaks ground on alternate route for trucks

Community will be a safer, more quiet place

The fourth in L.S. no different than before law changes

This was the first 4th of July since the Lake Stevens City Council voted to change the fireworks law, which only allows Lake Stevens residents to set-off fireworks on the 4th of July.

LSHS entrepreneur creates handy snack carrier

Graduating Magnum Cum Laud and as Valedictorian at Lake Stevens High School and currently working on his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania is not quite enough for Kevin Galloway, a 1999 graduate from LSHS.


Tigers win Major League Championship