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Articles published Fri, Jul 24, 2009

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Cleaner and Greener? Pesticide-Free Parks are N.W. Trend

When you visit a local park, you probably don't think much about what goes into keeping it looking good, day to day. But some people would rather not have their kids and pets romping in areas sprayed with weed-killers and pesticides.

More WA Women Bringing Home Less Bacon

In Washington and across the country, far more men have lost jobs than women, and it's a situation that has reversed the role of "breadwinner," even in the most traditional families.

WA Seeks Partners with Big Ideas for Wood Waste

WA - It's not exactly spinning straw into gold, but the potential for making some money from wood waste is there for public or private parties.


Less Lacie

Week 4


Emergency Cooling Shelters

The City has designated the below listed facilities as Emergency Cooling Shelters.