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Articles published Fri, Mar 5, 2010

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Marysville Police Investigators Arrest Arlington Man For Voyeurism /Child Pornography

Marysville detectives arrested Arlington resident, Ryan Gessell, 26, this afternoon following the completion of an investigation into the allegations the man was committing acts of voyeurism in a Marysville home he was renting a room in.

Murray Co-Sponsors Bill to Tax Wall Street Bonuses

Calls for an end to Wall Street’s ‘bonus as usual mentality’ that comes at the expense of Washington state taxpayers

Cantwell Secures Commitment from Toyota Executives to Turn Over Withheld Accident Data

Information could provide answers to cause of fatal Washington state accident involving a Toyota vehicle subject to recall for unintended acceleration problem


Stone Soup

The woman sat in her sad living room and thought how lonely she was.