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Articles published Thu, Mar 18, 2010

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Up and away

“Adventures in motherhood”


Reardon urges residents to fill out 2010 Census forms

Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon is urging residents to complete and return their 2010 Census forms, which were mailed this week.

WA Lawmakers Vote for Early Learning 'Investments'

Murray Pushes Education Secretary on Potential Cuts to WA State Teacher Preparation

Focuses on administration proposal that could cost Washington state $15 million, urges him to change program to protect WA students

Secretary Reed will undergo kidney cancer surgery

Murray: Summer Jobs Report Shows Program’s Success, Demonstrates Need to Put Young People Back to Work in 2010

Over 5,000 Washington state young people got jobs and training last summer through the program

JOBS: Murray Votes to Pass Tax Incentives to Help Washington Small Businesses Hire

Bill that also includes major infrastructure investments, help for local governments to finance construction projects now headed to President for his signature


Plan ahead for long-term closures in Lake Stevens and Granite Falls

WSDOT Traffic Advisory