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Articles published Mon, Jul 25, 2011

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Hour delays expected on I-5 between Burlington and Bellingham

BURLINGTON – The second big 87-hour-long lane closure begins tonight. By midday Tuesday, hour delays and several-mile-long backups are possible on northbound Interstate 5 between Burlington and Bellingham.

Snohomish Health District honored for excellence in public health

U.S. House Vote Endangers a Top American Vacation Destination

More than 300,000 Americans expressed their concerns. An environmental review highlighted the risks at stake. But giving a green light for new uranium mining around the Grand Canyon still wound up attached to an appropriations bill set for a U.S. House vote this week.

Wenatchee: The Next Retirement Paradise?

WENATCHEE, Wash. - "It's easy to confuse Wenatchee with the Garden of Eden." That's the first line in a glowing new review of this central Washington city, by AARP.


The Neurotic Gene