September 26, 2007 |

After jumping on school bus man gets bail

After jumping on school bus man gets bail

Suspect blames dog for tip-off Bail was set at $60,000 for James Dale Gilligan, 46, who was arrested on Sept. 14 for pushing his way onto a school bus headed for Glenwood Elementary School earlier that morning.

Gilligan, who has a lengthy criminal record, was charged with robbery in the second degree, malicious mischief and assault for jumping onto the bus and stealing one of the girls’ backpacks.

According to court papers, Gilligan told police his dog told him that two of the kids had drugs in their backpacks and told him to get onto the bus to make a drug arrest.

The father of some of the children on the bus spoke in court asking that the man get psychological treatment before being released back into his neighborhood. He is concerned that if Gilligan is released on bail the kids on the bus will be distressed all over again.

Witnesses told police that Gilligan walked through the bus grabbed one of the young girl’s arms and said to her, “let’s see

how much your mom and dad love you,” and then took her backpack.

Gilligan was later arrested at his home in a nearby neighborhood.

He is currently being held in the Snohomish County Jail.

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cheemoney3 writes:

I think Gilligan should not be given bail. Instead he should be treated for psychological reasons and kept away from children, the amount of trauma he caused the children by forcing his way onto a bus and taking a girls backpack should be reason enough to take bail away.