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Local retailer helps Lake Stevens Marine while serving in Africa


December 3, 2009

Local retailer helps Lake Stevens Marine while serving in Africa

Joe’s Sporting Goods is honored by the Department of Defense BY PAM STEVENS | EDITOR

For Marines serving in Djibouti, Africa mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but could also be deadly since many of them carry the malaria virus.

Corporal Colin Pyle, a Lake Stevens High School graduate, was serving in Djibouti last spring and told his mom, Natalie Thurston, about the problems they were having with mosquitoes. Thurston wanted to help her son and those in his troop.

The first thought that came to her mind was bug spray, so she headed to her local Joe’s Sporting Goods right here in Lake Stevens where she came into contact with Store Manager Ryan Page.

“Colin said malaria was a huge problem, so I came to Joe’s to see if they could donate some bug spray,” Thurston said. “They donated a bunch and then gave me the rest at cost. I think I took all of the non-aerosol DEET they had on their shelves.”

After reading a thank you letter from Thurston in The Herald, John Patterson from Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESRG), a Department of Defense organization, decided that Joe’s Sporting Goods and Page himself, needed to be recognized for such a generous contribution to our country’s Marines.

Last Tuesday, Nov. 25, Patterson, Thurston, Corp. Pyle and two other Marines, Staff Sergeant Caprillo and Lance Corporal Nye, showed up at Joe’s with a plaque, mug and a huge thank you for his generous donation.

“They (Joe’s) have a good military back-up and support,” Patterson said.

Page was surprised to see three Marines in full dress, show up at his store. He was even more shocked to realize they were honoring him with the Above and Beyond Award from the Department of Defense.

“I’m surprised and happy,” Page said. “We’ve been pretty local with our donations. This is a really good thing for us and the Marines.”

Before leaving, Patterson told Page to make sure he let the higher-ups know about the award.

“They should give you a promotion for this,” Patterson said.


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