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Thank you Chamber members!


July 6, 2009

Thank you Chamber members! Your commitment to the Chamber continues to speak volumes for the value of membership to our Chamber. This month, I especially would like to thank Chamber Ambassadors Marci Miller, Laura Reynolds, Juanita Williams and Monika Kristofferson who recently spent countless hours advertising the value of Chamber membership to our local businesses. As a result, our membership continues to grow. Remember, there is no better way to expose your business to the community than through the Chamber.

Your Chamber Board remains hard at work. We are continually improving our web-site and developing our site as the “Portal to Lake Stevens.” The Chamber recently received support from the City of Lake Stevens Park Board to begin negotiating with the City on converting the caretaker house in Lundeen Park to a Visitor Information Center and Chamber Office. I anticipate in the near future our residents and businesses will have a new place to visit and hold meetings and receptions.

I am calling our Chamber Government Affairs Committee into action. If you haven’t noticed, the City of Lake Stevens is working through the process of the Southwest Annexation, which is expected to be on the November Ballot. In addition, many of you are probably aware of the boundary dispute between the City of Lake Stevens and the City of Snohomish. Why is this important to us? Considering the information I have reviewed (listed below), our Chamber needs to be involved in order to insure we have and maintain a healthy business and residential environment in Lake Stevens.

· Lake Stevens Urban Growth Area (UGA) will have an estimated population of over 46,000 in 2025.

· Only 6.4 percent of Lake Stevens UGA is zoned for commercial and industrial uses.

· Lake Stevens only has a household to job ration of 0.39, meaning less than ½ jobs per household.

· Lake Stevens has a sales tax capita figure of only $142.41 – substantially less than the median of $218.55 for cities of like size in the Greater Puget Sound.

In comparison to Snohomish’s UGA, they have an estimated 2025 population of 14,535. Twenty six percent of their UGA is zoned for commercial and industrial uses, 1.25 jobs per household and a sales tax capita of approximately $538.38.

The impact of the City of Snohomish’s proposal for the disputed area north of Highway 2 on Lake Stevens will be enormous. It is extremely important for all stakeholders (Cities, Chambers, Residents) to work together to find a resolution that benefits everyone with a goal of improving the quality of life within both of our communities.

In addition, I will be directing our Government Affairs Committee to shake the dust off of the Chamber’s downtown redevelopment plan and start working with the City to move this project forward.

In closing, let’s not forget summer time is upon us. For most children, this means more swimming, camping, bike riding and skate boarding. For parents, this means being extra vigilant to keep your child safe and healthy. As we step into summer, take a few minutes to Google summer safety tips.

Stay up to date with what is going on in our community by checking out the Chamber website and our Chamber page published in the monthly business edition in the Lake Stevens Journal. I am looking forward to seeing you at the Chamber luncheon on July 13th.

Best wishes for success!


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