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Sunnycrest welcomes students with a new look


August 31, 2009

The new and improved Sunnycrest Elementary School certainly lives up to its name with brighter hallways and plenty of sunshine pouring through the large, picturesque windows.

The yearlong remodeling project is finishing up and will be ready for students as soon as school begins next week.

Parents and past students have been calling Sunnycrest Principal Tim Haines, letting him know how excited they are to see their new school.

“It’s exciting to see all of the energy filling out into the community,” Haines said. “The kids are really looking forward to starting the school year.”

The most obvious change is immediate, just pull into the parking lot and you will see a whole new exterior with big, bold letters letting visitors and parents know exactly where they are.

There is no longer any doubt to where the main office is located and the campus is closed which will promote safety, however, it still continues to fill open with the rod iron gate that fitS in with new exterior.

Students and teachers were separated during construction last year, half of them at Hillcrest Elementary and the other half at Mt. Pilchuck Elementary. Students and teachers alike are looking forward to reuniting with their friends.

“After working at two different sites, not only are we returning to a beautiful new building, but we are returning to our colleagues,” Haines said. “It has brought some great synergy and they are excited to get back to work.”

Technologically, the school has been updated with 30 brand-new computers for the computer lab, regulated heating for each room and state-of-the-art overhead projectors and white boards in every classroom.

The library has shorter, 36 inch shelving so teachers and staff can keep an eye on students at all times and students can reach every book within the library.

“Robb Stanton, (Director of Facilities and Operations for the Lake Stevens School District) has been phenomenal with his foresight in creating a great environment where kids can really focus and learn,” Haines said.

At the end of the 2008-2009 school year, six staff members were laid off because of district budget cuts. All six are back within the district with five of them returning to Sunnycrest.

“They are all exceptional teachers,” Haines said. “We have a very cohesive staff and we’re glad to have them back.”

Students will be walking into a familiar surrounding with added beauty and color. What a way to start a brand new school year.

“The sun has been put back into Sunnycrest Elementary with the completion of its modernization,” Arlene Hulten,

Director of Community Relations for the Lake Stevens School District said. “There are ceiling windows, warm sunny colors throughout the classrooms and library, and a new welcoming entrance for the front office. Students and staff will be reunited when the school opens on Sept. 8 and teachers have already been in the school and setting up their classrooms.”


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