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August 31, 2009

Synergy, community made clothing give-a-way huge success

Dear Editor,

Thank you to everyone who donated clothing to the Synergy back-to-school clothing give-away held Saturday, August 2 at Sanctuary Ministries.

Over 56 families attended and at least 125 children left our church with their own (sometimes) overflowing bag of clothing and coats. This was an awesome outreach and we would like to thank Synergy for inviting us to partner with them.

If you are still in need of baby, toddler, children’s, teen or adult clothing you are invited to check out our Sanctuary Care Ministries clothing distribution.

We’re open every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at our new Care Center, a 1,400 square foot building dedicated to distributing clothing, shoes and bedding to those in need.

We are located on Hwy. 92 and 75th Street NE, between Lake Stevens and Granite Falls.

For more information or directions please call our office at 360-386-9871 or visit our website at Again, thank you for your generosity–you made a lot of kids smile.

Pastor Jerry Brady

Sanctuary Ministries

Cantwell and Murray should hold town hall meetings

Dear Editor,

The absence of Senator(s) Cantwell and Murray is surprising and disrespectful to the citizens of Washington.

These two women are suppose to represent us and be concerned with our points-of-view, but fail to host meetings so they can hear (face-to-face) our issues.

I personally believe this is telling about their character and how much they really care about their constituents.

Senator Murray is up for re-election in 2010 and apparently is so secure that she needs to not engage the public.

When I called Senator Murray’s office, they told me that she does not hold town hall meetings.

Senators get paid on average around $170K per year (they got their 2.5 percent pay-raise this year).

I am sure Senator Murray will hold many town hall meetings next year during her campaign, but I want a senator that cares about my opinion during their entire term, not just when they want a new contract.

Remember these Senator’s actions come election time, it is very telling about their opinion of you.

Todd Welch


Aquafest Firemen’s Breakfast always good food, family fun

Dear Editor,

During Aquafest I enjoyed the Firemen’s Breakfast, just like I do every year. My family and I always enjoy going to the breakfast during Aquafest. It has great food and provides a fun time for the community.

Being a person who plans meals and events for service groups and non-profit organizations, I know how much work, planning and effort a breakfast like this one takes.

Thanks to Blake and all the Firemen and staff who plan this wonderful breakfast. I hope Chief Faucett knows what a great crew he has.

Our community benefits from their dedication and service.

Kathy Little

Lake Stevens

Hulbert is the man for Superior Court Judge

Dear Editor,

I’m writing in support of Judge David Hulbert running for Superior Court Judge.

I’m very enthusiastic about his candidacy because he is clearly the most widely experienced candidate. It makes the most sense to elect someone who can get the job done from day one.

He’s no beginner, he has 12 years of actual superior court experience and will not need the extensive job training the other two candidates will.

Judge Hulbert has a reputation for being fair and dedicated to the people of Snohomish County.

Tax dollars need to be spent wisely and voting for dedicated and experienced Judge Hulbert is a sound investment.

Join me and vote for Judge David Hulbert for Superior Court Judge.

Tanna Mylott

Lake Stevens

Referendum 71 gives equality to everyone

Dear Editor,

I support Referendum 71. It is fair and correct to affirm the rights of Washington’s gay and lesbian families.

The Constitution of the United States was written for “the people”; not just married people; not just single people. Everybody.

Domestic Partnerships are not a replacement for full marriage equality. All families deserve true equality under the law.

The purpose of our Constitution is to limit the power of government and protect the rights of the people. All of the people.

Who opposes Referendum 71? People who think that our Constitutional liberties do not apply to everyone but rather to specific groups that they happen to belong to.

We have a word for that–intolerance.

This is a time for all who believe in equality of rights to stand up and be counted. Washington State is the nation’s leader in Women’s rights. Let’s take the lead on this issue and make sure that our gay and lesbian families enjoy the same protection that the rest of us take for granted.

Scott Leopold


Triathlon was too noisy for early morning hours

Dear Editor,

The triathlon got a big black eye in my book when I was awakened at 6:30 Saturday morning by a bullhorn loud enough to hear what they were saying and I live near the High School.

The announcements went on for half an hour. Even Aquafest isn’t that loud.

You can’t run a lawnmower or other machinery that early without the risk of being cited. I sure hope the organizers can find a way to tone it down in the future.

Ellen Kennaugh

Lake Stevens


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