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Gov. Gregoire’s statement on President Obama’s health care reform speech


September 10, 2009

OLYMPIA – Gov. Chris Gregoire tonight issued the following statement on the speech by President Obama to the joint session of Congress on health care reform:

“I applaud President Obama for addressing Congress and the nation – and moving forward with his bipartisan plan to improve our health care system. We need health care reform – and we need it now. In Washington State alone, nearly 720,000 have no health insurance at all, and many more live with the fear that the insurance they have will become unaffordable and lost.

“A health care system must provide security and stability to those who are already insured, as well as provide affordable coverage to those who do not have health insurance. We must have a national system in place that provides accessible, affordable, quality health care for all Americans. Doing nothing is not an option.

“It is encouraging that both the U.S. House and Senate are working on legislation to advance health care reform. With the president’s help, I believe Congress will reach a compromise. We cannot fail again on health care reform.”


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