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Stevens fears today’s destruction of KRKO radio towers is a bold acceleration of domestic terrorist acts


September 10, 2009

“I’m concerned that these people are moving toward acts that will ultimately be targeted at hurting and killing humans they don’t agree with,” Stevens said.

Olympia…Sen. Val Stevens, R-Arlington, said today she is worried that domestic terrorist groups like the Earth Liberation Front are going to move beyond shutting down operations they oppose to targeting the people involved in those operations.

“They are predators who plan their attacks and leave behind their signature,” Stevens said. “The ELF was classified as the top domestic terror threat in the United States by the FBI in March 2001. They don’t care about what harm they do. We need a state law that recognizes these people for the monsters they are.”

In 2005, Stevens introduced Senate Bill 5314, which would have specifically criminalized acts of eco-terrorism with penalties up to a class B felony if someone is hurt. The bill also would have also created a registry for eco-terrorists, much like the state’s Sex Offender registry.

Under current law, such crimes are classified as criminal sabotage, an unranked felony with a maximum sentence of one year, although if there are aggravating circumstances, a court may impose an exceptional sentence.

“These people should be singled out with a law directly aimed at their brand of terrorism,” Stevens said. “It shouldn’t be left up to the courts to justify more prison time. We need to get their names, track them, find their training camps, and stop them.”

Other ELF-attributed attacks in recent history include:

In May 2001, the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Horticulture was burned down by eco-terrorists resulting in $7 million in damages.

In August 2003, a family-owned mink farm in Sultan suffered $500,000 in damages at the hands of eco-terrorists.

In March 2008, a $7 million arson fire set by eco-terrorists ravaged model homes on the Street of Dreams near Woodinville.


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