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October 13, 2009

Banning bikini baristas not necessary

Dear Editor,

I read the editorial regarding outlawing bikini clad baristas and have to completely disagree with Ms. Stevens. I personally don’t give these stands my business and that is the correct way to handle this issue.

These businesses are merely serving coffee while in bikinis and if you don’t like it then don’t buy your coffee there. We cannot continue to legislate every issue under the sun.

The Everett Police did their jobs by investigating reports of the Grab-n-Go girls offering more than a latte, but let’s not go overboard. Just because you are offended by a business does not mean that business doesn’t have the right to exist.

Our economy is a free-market system where the consumer decides if they will give someone their business and I wish not to interfere with this system.

Todd Welch, Everett

Sign leads others to believe that Granite Falls is corrupt

Dear Editor,

I am deeply concerned about Haroon Saleem’s large “stop the corruption” campaign sign visible from East Stanley Street in Granite Falls.

It implies that the mayor, city council and town are corrupt. Marriam-Webster defines corruption as “ …impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle” and “ inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (as bribery)”.

Is this really the message that the City of Granite Falls wants to portray to the state–that of a corrupt city and a corrupt government?

This divisive sign does a disservice to the city council and town as a whole. I am disappointed in Mr. Saleem’s negative campaign and the message it is sending to the county.

David J. Burreson, Granite Falls

Parties should come together to accomplish goals

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to Carolyn Fox-Allen’s letter in the Oct. 7 Journal. Ms. Fox-Allen, in your letter you stated, “The lines between the Democrat and Republican parties have never been clearer.”

After having read you rant on and on about “How can anyone not want….” and moan that “…Republicans remain uncooperative, whiny and angry.”, it is obvious that partisan griping such as this is exactly what precipitates conflict between both parties.

Sadly, there is indeed a wide division between the parties. Have you ever asked yourself why?

Unfounded accusations seem to be your forte – I do distinctly recall your letter to the editor in the March 18th Journal where you made the bold generalization that, “Republicans have promoted hatred, fear and intolerance. Our community is not populated by only Republican, white Christians.”

That is an extremely broad brush you are painting with Ms. Fox-Allen!

This country has a lot of issues to address, but ignorance and hostility between both parties will not expedite progress.

Let’s start by putting a halt to the mudslinging. I could go on and on about one party or the other but that won’t solve anything. It just further wedges this great nation apart.

Let’s grow up and put our petty differences aside so that we can get some progress made for the betterment of our citizens.

Janet Yaretz, Granite Falls

More details wanted in opinion on Obama’s healthcare plan

Dear Editor,

Marliss Olsen’s arguments and opinions in opposition to President Obama’s healthcare plan (“Strongly oppose Obama’s healthcare plan,” Lake Stevens Journal, Sept. 23, 2009) lack credibility, because she fails to cite details or specific references to back them up.

“It is unconstitutional for Obama and Congress to force health care on us.” Where, in the Constitution is this addressed? Is it a claim made by someone other than Olsen? An attorney, perhaps? A student of the Constitution?

Medicare “denies full coverage.” Details, please–coverage to whom, for what purpose? A medical board might consider funding the cost of heart by-pass surgery paramount to a third hip replacement.

“The death clause is on page 21.” Page 21 of what? It’s definitely not on page 21 of HR 3200, which is the basis of the current House committee debate, and which I have just finished reading–all 1,018 pages of it.

It is true, in my opinion, that when Obama says we will be able to keep our current coverage, he is only telling half the truth.

If the “Grace Period” clause (page 17, HR 3200) is approved, our current health plans will only be “grandfathered in” for a five-year period following 2013. After that, every private insurer will be subject to newly enacted reforms.

“Medicare is broke.” “We have the world’s best health care.” Olsen’s thoughts are inconsistent and scattered. If she is going to so boldly confront a fellow Journal contributor, she should take the time to better organize her thoughts, address fewer points in greater depth and back them up with specific references. She owes it to Journal readers.

Nancy Merz, Lake Stevens

Tessandore will make the best Superior Court Judge

Dear Editor

Rico Tessandore is the best candidate for Snohomish County Superior Court Judge.

My opinion is based on working with or around four of the five candidates during the 20 years that I advocated for victims of violent crimes in Snohomish County.

Rico Tessandore has been endorsed by many others who have worked with him to hold criminals accountable, such as the Edmond’s Police Officers Association, the Snohomish County Associations of Deputy Sheriffs and of prosecuting attorneys, and many Judges.

No incumbent judge is running for this vacant position.

I worked as a victim advocate with two of the other candidates while they were both prosecuting attorneys. Their goal was always to hold criminals accountable for their behavior.

In my experience working with the candidates, Rico Tessandore was the most sensitive to the needs of victims; most clear in his decisions; the most courageous, dependable and persistent in his work; and had the highest level of court room skills.

These qualities will serve Rico Tessandore well, and he will serve us well, in the critically important role of Superior Court Judge.

Bill France, Monroe

Brandt will bring important qualities to city council

Dear Editor,

I recently spoke with Will Brandt, candidate for position 7 on the city council, at a Lake Stevens City Council meeting, where the representatives from Mill Creek and Mountlake Terrance reviewed their own City Center Planning processes.

I worked with Will during my tenure as Annexation Coordinator for Lake Stevens, with his very successful organization in the Soper Hill neighborhoods to become part of the City of Lake Stevens.

He was easy to work with, made an action plan, and was diligent in carrying out the time consuming effort of meeting with, and listening to his neighbors’ concerns. He followed through with the City so the process went forward smoothly and on time.

In my conversation with him, he continues to work to make Lake Stevens a great place to live and has vision for the larger issues that face the City.

It’s clear that as a City Councilman, he’ll bring his qualities of listening, thoughtfulness, persistence, and action to the position.

Carl Nelson, Lake Stevens


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