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By Colquitt Nash
Minister Woodinville Church Of Christ 

Making the most of opportunity


February 8, 2010

One Saturday night the basketball game between Pennsylvania rivals Lock Haven State and Edinboro ended with Lock Haven up 84-82.

Half an hour later, both teams were back on the floor to finish the game. Checking the books, the officials found that each team had scored 84 points although the scoreboard only showed 82 for Edinboro. The game had ended in a tie.

The first overtime was tied at 88, but during the second overtime, Lock Haven began to pull away and finally won 97-92.

How many times have you finished something and wished you had the opportunity to redo some things?

The sad part is that many of us will spend so much time lamenting lost chances that we will not take advantage of the present.

Ephesians 5:15-16 says we should walk as wise men “making the most of the time for the days are evil.”

Live today with all you have and allow God to bless you and use you as you learn His lessons of life.


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