March 12, 2010 |

Your 2010 Home Organization Goals-Myth or Reality?

January is actually “Get Organized” or “GO” Month for the National Association of Professional Organizers. Perfectly synchronized to be in line with our client’s goals for the new year of getting more what? Organized of course! How about you, is getting organized at the top of your new year’s resolutions? Let me help you make your goals a reality this year through some careful, yet easy planning.

• Keep it simple. Choose just one area of your home that you would love to see organized, not the whole house. Baby steps here.

• When thinking about where to start, consider what is stressing you out the most every time you walk on by.

• Write down your goal and the reason for reaching your goal, this makes it more concrete. “I will declutter the dining room table so we can enjoy family meals together.” This will keep you motivated to reach your goal.

• Write down a date on the calendar to work on your project. No “someday” here, you’re gonna have a plan and do it now!

• If you need support or a helping hand, start recruiting before the upcoming date on your calendar.

• If you need any supplies, like garbage bags or boxes, this is the time to start gathering what you need for your big day.

• Have a plan for a reward for a job well done after you declutter-a snack, dinner out on the town, yummy chocolate, etc.

• Jump on in on “project day” and get ‘er done!

Meet your goals this year a step at a time and make home organization your reality!

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