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By Sandy Powers
Family Caregiver Specialist 

Unsung Heroes


April 5, 2010

In every neighborhood, in every community, there are unsung heroes. Their journey often begins with a loved one receiving a medical diagnosis, or being a victim of a sudden accident. That moment shatters not only the world of the one receiving the diagnosis, but the lives of the entire family. Our heroes are the selfless unpaid caregivers who tend to the needs of a spouse, or parent, maybe even a neighbor or adult friend with no family close by. They usually don’t choose this role, it chooses them, emerging from circumstances beyond their control.

Isolated and disconnected from a life they once knew, these warriors silently suffer usually not seeking help.

They ignore their own needs, at the risk of their own health. Statistics show that caregivers suffer physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. With their own life, long forgotten, these unmet needs wear down even the fiercest among us. Every warrior needs support. It takes more courage to ask for help then it does to isolate. These incredible human beings don’t realize that with help, which they need and deserve, they will be even better caregivers for their loved one. With support they regain strength and rebuild their energy to continue caring and avoid burnout.

My name is Sandy Powers. I am our community’s Family Caregiver Specialist. I am passionate and committed to make our community aware help is available free of charge to the unpaid family caregiver.

It is offered through a state funded program called the Family Caregiver Program The program is designed to help caregivers meet practical and emotional needs. I work out of the East County Senior Center on Mondays and Tuesdays. We support Monroe, Sultan, Snohomish, Lake Stevens, and outlying areas. I am here to serve our community of caregivers.

Contact me. It’s time to get the support you deserve. Reach me at or at the East County Senior Center 360-794-6359.


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