June 1, 2010 |

Granite Falls appoints new members to Planning Commission

The City of Granite Falls has been working overtime to fill three different positions on the city’s Planning Commission.

City residents Fred Cruger, Randal (Randy) Farrell and Cheryl Desrosier were each appointed to the commission last month.

Desrosier is a local real estate agent who owns and operates Windermere Real Estate. She hopes to see growth and tourism within the city increase.

According to her application, Desrosier has, “always had a genuine interest in the community and its growth.” She also would like to bring additional tourism to the area and change the perception of “who we are”.

Cruger was a Research & Development Manager for Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies and is best known for his commitment to the Granite Falls Historical Museum.

“After thinking about it for a while, I decided that if I could in some way help the Planning Commission to become to some extent a proactive organization, it would have been worth my time. Right now, the vast majority of Planning Commission time is taken up in approving requests for a variety of permits (buildings, businesses, property improvements, etc.). I call that reactive—someone asks, and the Commission approves those that are within the documented bounds. But it could help the community if the Commission was also able to somehow “steer” development to some extent rather than just keep it on track,” Cruger explains. “I have no preconceived notion of how that might be done, but I’m convinced it will take a cooperative effort between multiple groups and cooperation seems to be a hard thing to generate lately. I hope I can help.”

Farrell has lived in Granite Falls for the past five years and has been a Project Manager for the last 25 years.

Farrell stated his reasons for wanting to be a member of the Planning Commission, which included economic stability and growth.

“Working closely with all the resources and community organizations, we can grow and support a healthy home and safe community and develop family friendly values,” he said in his application.

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