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Letters for June 30th issue


June 28, 2010

Public should let be appalled by signs in front of local post offices

Dear Editor,

I think an apology is in order from me for my actions two weeks ago.

While patronizing the Lake Stevens Post Office, I encountered two individuals who had set up a sidewalk table distributing literature and promoting the political philosophies of Lyndon LaRouche.

The first thing I saw was a big poster of President Barack Obama sporting a Hitler-like mustache. I was infuriated!

Before I knew it, I grabbed the poster and threw it to the ground and graced these two with a barrage of obscenities and tough talk. It invoked feelings in me I didn’t know I had.

The Lake Stevens Police were called. A LaRouche person alleged that I had hit him on the arm during my encounter. I did not. A postal employee who witnessed the event collaborated my denial. Thank you to her for keeping me from likely being arrested.

I do apologize. The freedoms we all take for granted in this country maintain that people can express whatever political views they have. I should not have taken the matter into my own hands.

Still, I cannot and will not listen to anything these people have to say when the main thrust of their presentation is to liken our sitting President to that of Hitler.

I again encountered a couple of young women in front of the Granite Falls Post Office who had set up a similar table including the Hitler-Obama poster. I did not react as I did before and managed to tell them as politely as I could muster that they were despicable and that I wouldn’t so much as give them the time of day and that their poster was completely repugnant.

I’m not sure these two young people were even old enough to vote and certainly couldn’t fathom the implications of comparing our President to the murderer and scourge that was Adolph Hitler.

Regardless of your own political leanings, whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, left, right or other and even if you are not an Obama fan, I urge you to tell these people if you encounter them, that their message will not be heard when they disparage the image of our President in this way.

It is hateful and representative of a bunch of misguided lunatics.

I also question why these folks can set up on a public sidewalk in front of a federal building. In the case of Lake Stevens, I was told that they were on public property. They blocked the sidewalk in a way that made it impossible to avoid them.

Does this not require any sort of permit or permission from the city?

Perhaps everybody should set up a booth – everyone is fair game?

Bryan Holmes

Lake Stevens


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