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By Monika Kristofferson
Professional Organizer 

Clutter is a monkey on your back


July 6, 2010

Why do I get called in to help people get organized? Let me share a few of the reasons with you:

•They’ve had a major transition in their lives that turned things upside down for a while: a new job, a move, an illness or death in the family;

•People may not have had the benefit of a good example from their parents growing up;

•They have too much stuff from combining two households;

•Belongings have taken over which is causing a great deal of stress;

What I have found with clutter is that it acts as a weight. It weighs on people’s minds, it produces guilt and it makes the house heavy. Clutter acts as a burden and I’ve even seen people afraid to go on vacation because they felt like they should stay home to declutter and organize their home instead.

When I am called in to help, people are at a point of feeling overwhelmed and they don’t know where to begin to tackle all the ‘stuff.’ So let me share a few tips on where you should begin:

•This is not a TV show, you can’t do it all at once so choose one small area to begin decluttering.

•Decide what your goal is for the space-how will you use it? What do you want to do there?

•Do what you can to make decluttering fun-good music, good company to help you or a yummy treat is always nice.

•Keep a donation bag and a garbage can right next to you as you make decisions.

Part with items that you no longer love, use or care for.

Get the clutter monkey off your back so you can breathe again and enjoy your home as you should.


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