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By Pam Stevens
Managing Editor 

South Lake, Davies Road now has two new stop signs


September 7, 2010

Orange flags mark the new stop signs on South Lake Road at the intersection at Davies Road.

Signs will be uncovered next week.

Orange flags are waving over a hidden treasure of sorts, as you drive along South Lake Road and pass Davies Road in southwest Lake Stevens.

Behind those black plastic covers lie two brand new stop signs which are meant to help with safety concerns as vehicles drive through this busy intersection. The stop signs’ unveiling will take place in less than a week.

After conducting a Stop Sign Signal Warrant Analysis, the City of Lake Stevens realized that the intersection met every requirement for a necessary stop sign.

Realizing that earlier on, the county had prepared their own Traffic Signal Warrant analysis, the city compared the two and came up with the same findings – that putting a traffic signal of some sort is necessary at this intersection.

“We looked at a couple of different areas. One question was, is this an area with high accidents? The answer was yes,” Mick Monken, City of Lake Stevens Public Works Director and City Engineer said.

Monken explains that they take national criteria to help indicate whether or not a stop sign is warranted, which includes the number of car accidents at that intersection. They also look at sight distance.

“Is there adequate time for a person, vehicle or object to be seen quick enough to respond? It did not meet the sight distance requirement. That really was a key factor,” Monken said.

If a vehicle were coming around the corner it may not be able to respond quick enough to something rolling in its path, therefore, a stop sign will help slow traffic down in preparation for that stop.

“The warrants were really safety based,” Monken said.

In addition to the stop signs, the city has also added a left hand turn lane for people turning onto Davies Road from South Lake. There will also be traffic revision and traffic advisory signs installed to prepare drivers for the upcoming change. The striping has already been completed.

The city held a community meeting a few weeks ago to let residents know of the change to the traffic. Because the analysis had already been completed and shown that some sort of traffic stop was needed, the city was required to follow through with the stop signs for legal reasons.

“The majority of the people agreed that they understood why we were doing what we were doing. They also understood why,” Monken explained.

The future may bring a traffic signal but for now, drivers can feel safer as they approach this well traveled intersection.

“It (a traffic signal) has been included in our six-year plan,” Monken said.


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