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YOUR | LETTERS-September 15-2010


September 7, 2010

Liquor initiatives could cost Washingtonians

Dear Editor,

The two initiatives pertaining to the state Liquor Control Board, I-1100 (Costco-supported) and I-1105 (supported by alcohol distributors), would cost the state and local governments as much as $730 million over the next five years—this according to the non-partisan OFM budget analysis.

Not only would both initiatives cause the firing of nearly 1,000 people, it would also create a public safety nightmare.

Liquor sales and consumption will rise drastically, liquor outlets will increase by 1,000 percent (from 300 to 3,300, at least); minors will gain more access to alcohol (current data shows state liquor stores with a no-sales-to-minors compliance rate of 95 percent versus 76 percent for the private sector—a 400 percent increase in sales to minors).

Local police and fire departments will see cuts to their services (18.8 percent of LCB profits went to fund local law enforcement, $62.6 million in 2009); Washington’s Basic Health program will also see significant cuts, leading to more people unable to obtain health coverage (14.9 percent or $49.4 million of liquor profits in 2009 went to fund health services in Washington, according to state data).

With so many downsides to these initiatives, it’s really a no-brainer. Vote No on 1100 and 1105 when you fill out your ballot. Think about the consequences and vote for progress for Washington State, not for corporate profits.

Patrick Golden


Rowers prepare for emergencies, accidents can still happen

Dear Editor,

The calamity all rowers dread has happened. A rower, plying his oar in the sport he loved, has been killed.

Any rower with any experience on the water knows that in any encounter between a shell and a motorboat, the shell will lose. Sometimes it is waves over the gunnels from the wake of a thoughtless near miss, other times harsh physics doom the smaller vessel being hit by greater speed and mass. Frequently the rowing shell is the casualty, less frequently the rower.

The Lake Stevens Rowing Club must be congratulated for taking this threat seriously. For years the Club has trained to respond to water and land emergencies that might occur during practice and competition. This last winter board members and coaches spent an intense day of training, earning their American Heart Association CPR certifications and practicing emergency communications and evacuations, with the dread of just such an incident in mind.

In an ironic twist of fate, David Balbirona, was one of the LSRC members at that emergency training. He took very seriously the commitment to make rowing on Lake Stevens safe. In addition to being one of the trained responders, he helped maintain the Club equipment, keeping rescue launches response ready. His efforts and his attitude made him a valuable asset in both emergency response and emergency planning.

Unfortunately, emergency training, vigilant coaches and watchful teammates can not change the trajectory of a speed boat. Sometimes all of our best efforts cannot divert an outcome. That may be little consolation for the widow and family of Dave Balbirona and his rowing family at LSRC, but in their time of loss and sorrow I want to remind them that they (and Dave) tried their best to prevent tragedies like this.

Sheila Maher

Normandy Park

Thanks to all who made ‘Chief for a Day’ outstanding

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Lake Stevens Police Department, I would like to thank the following local businesses and individuals for their support of gifts and finances to this year’s “Chief for a Day” event: Everett Aqua Sox, Marysville Costco, Lucas’ Restaurant, Surf Shack Espresso, Lake Stevens Target, Lake Stevens Police Guild, Lake Stevens Police Department Employees, Lake Stevens Rotary, Lake Stevens Lions Club, Mr. Herb Singleton, Lake Stevens American Legion Auxiliary, Kathy Little and “The Little Salon”, Lake Stevens Buzz Inn, Brooks Pix Photography and Wilma Daniels of “Watermelon Wilma”.

This year’s event was held on August 18 at the Criminal Justice Training Commission in Burien and it celebrated the lives of twenty-one amazing, courageous, and very special children who are facing chronic or life threatening illnesses.

The children were provided police uniforms in their sizes as well as gifts and services donated by the community. It was an awesome day for everyone involved and the support of our community helped to make it possible. Thank you!

Officer Cindy Brooks

LSPD Police Services

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Dear Editor,

As America wrangles daunting issues, no challenge is more urgent than protecting the health and wellbeing of our children—now, and as they grow.

Over the past several decades we have witnessed childhood obesity grow to epidemic proportions. More than 23 million children and teenagers are obese or overweight. That’s roughly one child in every three. Some groups are disproportionately affected.

These youngsters are at risk for developing serious health problems in adulthood, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and several types of cancer. The financial impact is a sobering $14 billion per year in direct health care costs alone. The psychosocial consequences can hinder these kids academically and socially.

You can help: join Team Fitness and our community in observing National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month this September. Team Fitness has created programs and activities for the month of September to promote healthy eating and physical activity that will expand to a lifetime of healthy habits.

The effort begins at home. Parents have enormous influence over their children’s lifestyles by the example they set and the decisions they make. By modeling healthy eating and physically active lifestyles, we can set our children on the road to a lifetime of good habits.

The fight against childhood obesity gains momentum in September, and the results can last a lifetime. All children deserve a healthy start in life; it’s our responsibility to make that possible. Learn more

Brittney Shorb

Kids Fitness Director, Team Fitness Well Balanced Nutrition Centers


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