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By Colquitt Nash
Minister Woodinville Church Of Christ 

Hardened Conscience


September 13, 2010

On April 22, 1831, the reign of terror in the waters of the West Indies and South America by the pirate Charles Gibbs ended at the end of a rope on Ellis’ Island in New York.

During his career as a pirate, Gibbs is said to have killed over 400 people. Before he died, he related that after he had committed his first murder while plundering a ship he could hardly rest or sleep.

But as he continued to sail under the black flag plundering and killing became easier.

He said that by the time he was finally captured he could plunder a vessel, kill all of its crew and lie down at night and sleep like a baby.

That is a good illustration of how sin works in dulling our conscience. It is difficult to deal with at first, but then it becomes easier and easier.

The context of Ephesians 4:19 talks about those who become calloused to sin by their continual practice of it.

By following this same practice we, also, can come to have hardened consciences.

How is your sensitivity to the things you do that are against God’s will? If you are losing the feeling of guilt in your life and the sorrow for those around you in sin, it is time to let God renew your heart and soften your conscience with His love and mercy.

Be sensitive to the guilt sin brings to you. Confess it to Him who can forgive and lead you lovingly through the lessons of life.


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